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Pack Techs very first easy opening jar!

Our new flip-top jar NAPSU is easy to open and the lid is unique as it holds a spatula inside and comes with a tamper evident function that is created when the lid is assembled to the jar. The mono-materials makes it easy to recycle and it can be delivered as OWP or OWP+.

Unique lid

To open the lid is done as a flip-top, whereas the lid assembles to the jar as a snap-on. Inside the lid is a spatula.

Lid orientation

Oriented lid which ensures that print always stay in front.

Tamper evident

When the lid is assembled on the jar, it automatically generates a tamper evident function.


Made of PP only to make it easy to recycle.



Volume & Sizes: 80, 100 & 200 ml.

Contact us for further information or to order samples.

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