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Packaging made with plastic collected from
ocean & rivers - the circular solution.


Let’s customize your packaging and protect the ocean!

We want to make it easy for customers to choose a circular solution with packaging made with OWP and thereby be part of cleaning plastic waste from ocean and rivers.

Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) is on a mission to give everyday products a major role in cleaning the ocean. We will work with you to create unique and beautiful packaging that has an incredible story to tell.

Our subsidiary company ReSea Project removes plastic waste from the ocean and rivers of Indonesia. The entire OWP process, from collecting, weighing, registering, and sorting the plastic waste is fully traceable and documented.

Packaging made with OWP is beautiful, unique and lives up to our high-quality standards.


As one of the leading packaging suppliers in the industry, it is our responsibility to act and lead the way by playing a vital role in removing plastic waste from the ocean and rivers”.


“Good packaging protects your products, great packaging protects your brand”


With OWP, you get a truly circular solution.

OWP allows you to include the collected plastic waste from ocean and rivers in your final packaging. This option brings the possibility of a fully circular product to your brand and provides a substantiated message that can be communicated to your customers.


When choosing packaging made with OWP, you not only get unique packaging but also an important and beautiful story to tell your customers.



ReSea Project is a certified and documented cleanup solution with quality control by independent third parties. ReSea engages people in local communities in Indonesia to recover plastic waste from the heavily polluted ocean and rivers through fishing boats. This plastic is then taken to a sorting station where it is cleaned and sorted, before being distributed to their partners for re-use.

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