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We have been leading the way in packaging innovations since 1946. We pride ourselves on a heritage that is built on quality, expertise, and care for the planet. Our reputation is built on trust – trust in the quality we supply, which is always unsurpassed and competitively priced.

We want to be pioneers in circular packaging solutions, specializing in the development and sale of packaging solutions for products within the beauty, and home and garden industries.

Pack Tech is a global company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, represented in more than eleven countries with storage facilities in China, the USA, and the EU, securing delivery of goods within a week.

Sven Åge Harup-Hansen

Christian Severin when he started as an intern at 22 years of age.

Pack Tech at an exhibition


Pack Tech was started in 1946 as a family-owned business by Bent Harup-Hansen. His son Sven Åge Harup-Hansen took over the company in 1986. Christian Severin started as an intern at Pack Tech in 2002 without being part of the family. He bought the first shares in 2005 and by 2016 he owned the entire company. Christian later sold 50% of the company to Blue Equity. 


With almost 80 years of experience, we are an expert team of specialists with an international supply chain, whose goal is to create unique packaging solutions that support the value of our customer’s products.

At Pack Tech, you are guaranteed to meet experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and know-how in the manufacturing of customized packaging solutions.



Quality is at the core of Pack Tech. Our passion is to keep our customers satisfied and develop products that make us proud. Pack Tech packaging must therefore meet the highest quality standards – from development through production and delivery to operation and customer service.


Pack Tech complies with all relevant standards. Productions are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assurance standards or have related Quality and Environmental systems in place.



We want to be the preferred packaging choice and drive change within our industry. We are constantly challenging ourselves and the industry to create innovative packaging that implements a more circular agenda moving forward.

Get to know more about our products and some of the amazing brands that have already joined our mission to reduce plastic waste from the ocean and rivers with our OWP concept.


Packaging made with OWP is a truly circular solution as the collected plastic waste from ocean and rivers is used to create beautiful and unique packaging. We are on a mission to give everyday products a major role in saving the ocean.

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