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At Pack Tech A/S (”we” or ”us”) we wish to give you a good and personal user experience when you visit one of our websites. For us to accomplish that we use cookies to store relevant information about your user behaviour to improve and optimise your future visits.


  1. Owner information

The website is operated and owned by:


Pack Tech A/S

CVR no: 37144118

Virkeholm 3B

2730 Herlev

Telephone number: +45 3617 9018

Email address:


   2. What is a cookie

A cookie is a small data file stored on your computer which allows us to collect information on the websites you visit, and which features on the websites you use. A cookie cannot see who you are or your name, where you live, or if your computer is used by other people, and it cannot spread computer viruses or other malware.


   3. The purpose of cookies

The purpose of our use of cookies is to optimize your user experience when you visit one of our websites and to gain an insight to your visits to our websites so we can target it to your interests and needs. Furthermore, we use cookies to support the design of the websites and generate web statistics.


Cookies can be used by us when you visit our websites. However, in some cases cookies can also be used by third parties.


How long cookies are stored on your electronic device varies.


You can click here to find our complete cookie declaration which gives you an overview of the cookies we use on the website:


   4. Consent

If you chose to accept cookies, we will place cookies at your computer, tablet or smartphone. Next time you visit this website with the same browser your consent will still be valid, and you will not be asked again if you want to accept cookies.


If you choose not to accept cookies, only one cookie will be placed to remember your choice. If you do not want cookies to be placed at all, you must turn cookies off completely in your browser, but be aware that there might be parts of our websites that will no longer work.


In the bottom left corner of our websites, you can withdraw your consent or change it after your own preferences.


   5. How to delete or reject cookies

You can always choose to reject cookies at your computer, tablet or smartphone by changing the settings in your internet browser. If you choose to decline cookies, please be aware that there will be some of the websites’ features and services that you will no longer be able to use because they presuppose the use of cookies.


You can easily delete cookies at your computer that you do no longer want.


If you use a PC, you can delete cookies by using the shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. If the shortcut keys do not work or you use a MAC, you can click at this link for guidance on how to delete cookies in the exact browser that you use.


If you use more than one internet browser, remember to delete cookies in all of them:


   6. Do you have any questions?

When you visit our website, we process personal data about you. Click here to read more about our processing of personal data. 


If you have any questions to our use of cookies, you are always welcome to contact us via


If you have any questions to the cookie declaration, please contact

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