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Meet the new all-plastic lotion pump

Be kind to nature and your formulations with our new all-plastic recyclable lotion pump. We offer countless options for choosing a pump that harmonizes with your product, thus enabling you to ensure your customers a comprehensive experience. The Lotion pump is made of all plastic and is therefore eco-friendly. It is conducive to recycling and is ideal for high viscosity products. Stand out from the crowd with our all-plastic lotion pump.

Recyclable lotion pumps

The entire lotion pump collection is designed and

developed with a recyclable ambition of making it in complete plastic components without any metal.


The lotion pump with associated bottle is an open pump system with a twist and lock system. Customization is possible via eye-catching color mixes.

The perfect match

Lotion pumps are a good choice for thicker liquids - especially for shampoo, body lotions and soaps. They are easy to use, and the pump function

dispenses the product content in an evenly measured amount each time. With the exact dosage, the customer also avoids product waste.


Name: PTY 18,2

Volume & Sizes: 24/410, 28/410

Dosage from 1.0 to 2.0 ml.

Contact us for further information or to order samples.

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