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At Pack Tech we value the importance of supporting a more circular economy.
We are therefore pleased to soon be launching the MONO-ONE in PP. 


All the plastic used in our mono-material pump is made from 100% PP, facilitating the recycling process by not needing to be disassembled.

If you would like to receive samples or have any questions about MONO-ONE, 

please fill out the contact form below, and one of our sales representatives will

get back to you shortly.


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Designed for high-viscosity liquids means you do not need to change your formula, but only the pump.


With a spring life of over 3,000 times (based on water),

it is made to be reused.

This pump can be delivered in 50% recycled materials or made with ocean waste plastic.

Make a difference by rethinking your packaging and choosing MONO-ONE!

Now available with:

  • Mono-material

  • 2,0 ml dosage

  • Neck size of 28/410
    COMING SOON 24/410 and 32/410

  • Glossy or matte finish closure

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